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Insurance related services

Insurance claims can be a stressful time for everyone involved. Assessing the damage can be time consuming and costly.

For external damage, especially at height, drones can be used to visualise the damage quickly and safely. The drone operator can position the drone to obtain excellent images and footage, with no requirement for scaffolding or to send people up in scissor lifts or cherry pickers.

If you represent an insurer who needs images to assess damage to a structure, or you’re someone who needs images of damage to support a claim, then get in touch to see what we can do to quickly help.

  • Visualise external building damage.
  • Images and video from multiple angles.
  • High quality, zoomable images.
  • Images can be supplied quickly to support a claim.
  • Visualise the extent of flooding, or water pooling.
  • Drone is flown from the ground – safety is paramount.
  • The drone never touches the area being imaged.
  • Quick deployment to the required location.

Archaeology Services

Archaeology is an interesting area for drone use. The drone can be used to provide an overall visualisation of the entire dig site as well as the surrounding area.

Infra-red images can help to identify areas of interest to the dig team.

If you’re a small team on a dig and would like to get aerial images of the site then get in touch. We can offer free aerial images to small archeology groups.

  • Aerial images of the entire dig site.
  • General aerial images which could be used in promoting the work.
  • We can offer free services to smaller, more local, groups.
  • Get in touch to see if we can help!