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The use of drones to help inform the planning of maintenance, and repair, of buildings and structures is an ideal example of the benefits drones can bring to a project.

Drones aren’t just useful for commercial buildings and structures either. Owners of residential properties can use our services to visualise hard to reach areas of their properties. This can help to identify areas in need of repair or maintenance, and quickly see the extent of the work required.

The safety aspect of using drones to capture these images is a big plus. The drone is operated remotely from the ground and can be positioned accurately to capture the images clients need.


  • Quickly image multiple buildings or structures.
  • Useful for regular checks and inspections.
  • Identify areas of concern or damage.


  • Visualise hard to reach areas of the property.
  • Identify damage early.


  • Drones are ideal for visual data of the roof condition.
  • High quality images from multiple angles.
  • Views of the whole roof.
  • Help to identify drainage issues.

But, it’s not just when a building or structure is in need of repair that a drone can be useful.

When a property is being marketed for sale a drone can provide images and video to really highlight the fantastic features of a property and help make the marketing material stand out.

Property Marketing

  • High quality aerial pictures from multiple angles.
  • Short 360 degree video clips.
  • Use images and video to enhance sale and promotional material.
  • Really show off the property!