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Using drones to assist the construction and quarrying industries has a lot of parallels to the types of services we provide to the agriculture industry.

These sectors tend to deal with large areas of land, both need to monitor progress to get the very best results, and regular updates can prove very useful for assisting with future work planning.

How can drones help in construction and quarrying?


  • Regular flights to monitor progress of the site.
  • Easily image quarry faces.
  • Mapping flights using oblique angles to capture more detail.
  • Regular updates to images and video can be used to aid health and safety training.

Construction Sites

  • Monitor progress across an entire site.
  • Pre-planned flight routes can show progress along planned site features such as roads.
  • Images and video are great for enhancing promotional literature.

Land Imaging

  • See the land from multiple, and very different, perspectives.
  • See how the land fits in to the surrounding area.
  • Great for use in promotional material.