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We’ve taken to the sky!

Welcome to the first Forth Air blog post!

All the preparation is complete, the business has taken to the sky.

We’re fully authorised, and regulated, by the CAA.

The drones are clean and the batteries charged.

With our focus having being on training, flying and gaining regulatory approval over the past few months there has been little time to go out and gather amazing images of Scotland over the summer.

Now that we’re up and running we can use any spare time we have to visit some great places with the drones. Getting out and flying helps with continuous training too. Learning new techniques, new flight manoeuvres and having time in the sky will help us deliver exceptional service to our clients.

On days when flying isn’t possible, due to the weather for instance, there’s still a lot to do. More continuous training with the software services, and applications, we use to processing the images. Regular maintenance for the drones and keeping up with all that’s happening in the drone world.

This blog is where we’ll share company news and thoughts on the drone industry. We’ll also share client case studies and general chat about what we have been doing.

If you’re interested in making use of our services, please look over the information on the website. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or for more information.